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Alexander's Mill
(A.K.A. Wilson's Feed Mill)

7604 Canal Road
Valley View, Ohio


James Alexander (1781-1863) and his son Andrew (1813-1895) built this flour mill in 1855 adjacent to Lock 36 in Valley View. It was powered by the waste water diverted around the canal lock. The wooden water wheel was replaced with a water turbine in the late 1800s. The mill was sold to George Foster upon Andrew's death in 1894 then Thomas G. Wilson in 1900 whose family continued using water power until 1969. Wilson's Mill is now a grain and feed store; the original building remains relatively unchanged, aside from the abandoned turbine still resting in the water beside the mill. Its original owners are now buried at Northfield-Macedonia Cemetery.


Apparently, James has had a difficult time parting with his business. Mr. Alexander did not entirely trust his employees. He believed that, if left unattended, workers would slack off and neglect their duties. According to some locals, James still wanders the mill, keeping a watchful eye over its current living laborers and making sure the business is run according to his high standards.


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A canal boat alongside Alexander's Mill in 1890.

Wilson's Mill in 1935.

Wilson's Feed Mill from the canal in 2006.



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