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Beaver Marsh
and Pancake Lock

3801 Riverview Road
Peninsula, Ohio


The land surrounding Lock 26 (Pancake Lock) was once owned by Charles A. Carter and his family. Charles was the son of a canal boat captain and spent most of his life working on the canal. He built his house across from the lock. His son, Darwin, built a house just north of the homestead, and helped his father after we went blind. When the canal was phased out, the Carter family started a dairy farm on the property. Charles prayed for a rebirth of the canal, hoping to work on the boats once more. His hopes were dashed when the Great Flood of 1913 destroyed the canal beyond repair. He passed away that same year. Both Carter homes have been demolished. The cow pastures became a junk yard until the site was cleaned up by the National Park Service and, once the beavers were re-introduced to the region, the land turned into a marsh.


Visitors have reported strange lights and shadows between the lock and marsh, as well as footsteps along the towpath and boardwalk which stretches across the marsh. A shadowy figure wearing overalls has been seen running down the towpath, along the pine trees which once marked the Carter family driveway. It is believed that the spirit of Charles is responsible for the activity, still eagerly waiting to see the canal restored to its former glory.

The suicide of a distraught alcoholic also occurred at Pancake Lock in the late 1800s. His ghost may be responsible for some of the sightings.


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Grave of Charles Carter at Ira Cemetery.



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