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Cedar Grove Cemetery

Route 303
Peninsula, Ohio


Herman Bronson sold six acres of land to the city of Peninsula in 1836 for use as a public burial ground. He did, however, retain the right to let his cattle graze on any part of the property "uninhabited" by graves until 1850. The first recorded burial preceded the cemetery and dates to 1824. Approximately four graves from Chamberlain Cemetery in Everett, Ohio, were relocated here in the early 1900s. Many citizens of the town of Peninsula are still buried at Cedar Grove as they have been for well over a century.


Many locals seem to believe a woman accused of witchcraft was buried within the confines of this old cemetery. Her headstone (aptly referred to as the "Witch's Grave") is charred and melted, allegedly from repeated lightning strikes. The one gravestone matching this description does seem very unusual, belonging to a male member of the McGovern family according to cemetery records. Is this the wrong grave or is something more unexplainable hidden beneath it?


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A 1905 view of Cedar Grove.

The "witch's grave" in the cemetery.

Another view of the headstone showing unusual markings.



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