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Hammond-Cranz House

2401 Ira Road
Akron, Ohio


This old farm house was started by early settler Jason Hammond in 1818. Though Jason in 1830, his sons Lewis and completed the house in 1836. The house sold to William Cranz around 1867; it is believed most of the seven barns were built before 1885. The Cranz family moved out in 1970 as the park took over the land. It is currently unoccupied but has been rented out for many years.

According to historical accounts, Jason Hammond discovered a burial ground close to his original cabin on his land around 1810. The 121 native men, possibly of the Huron tribe, were buried with their heads facing west


This is the house where the "seven barns" legend originated. According to this story, a man went insane and murdered his family, then went out to the barn and hung himself. This story had been tied to a few other houses in the valley, including the Duffy House in Peninsula and Top 'O the World's Adams House. A similar crime--possibly the origin of the urban legend--occurred in Cuyahoga Falls back in the 1930s. Even so, the house is rumored to be haunted. It has been said by locals that none of the modern-day renters stay in the house for more than a month due to unexplained activity.


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