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Edmund Gleeson House

Tinkers Creek Road
Valley View, Ohio


Edmund Gleeson originally built this stone house on Dunham Hill in 1854. The 200-acre farm was in close proximity to the Ohio and Erie Canal: prefect for transporting his produce. The farm thrived long after Edmund passed away in 1870. The large red barn was built near the house in 1880 to house livestock. The Gleeson family owned the farm well into the 1960s. The last owner was a reclusive pig farmer, known for her overalls and unkempt appearance. Locals believed her to be mentally unstable, but she was harmless. Gleeson House has now been restored and is a rental farm owned by the National Park Service.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by a Gleeson family descendant to a private open house after restoration in March 2009. A few interior photographs were taken at that time.


The ghost of the last female occupant is rumored to haunt the farmhouse. Lights have been reported in upstairs windows at night when the house was still abandoned. The barn itself has a few strange rumors attached to it, including that of a satanic cult and bottomless well. A few suicides, including a 2002 hanging, have taken place within the barn over the past few decades.

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The house undergoing renovation by the Park Service in 2007.

Gleeson House after restoration.

An upstairs bedroom inside the house.



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