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                                                                Ohio is full of strange tales, many of which have been forgotten. Between Cleveland and Akron in northeast Ohio, the Cuyahoga River carves its way through the landscape. It has attracted humans for thousands of years with its breathtaking beauty and abundant wildlife, and many of the people who once inhabited this place have refused to leave. Beyond the picturesque landscapes and scenic trails, there is a darker side of the valley where mysterious occurrences have brought fear into the minds of its living visitors. These controversial subjects won't be found in any national park literature. Keep an open mind as we explore the strange and haunted history of Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley.

Since 1999when I began the first-ever investigations into forgotten ghost stories around the national parkmany other groups have followed suit, making the valley a popular place for local paranormal groups. But even today, there are countless more alleged hauntings yet to be explored. I have partnered with Jeri Holland to seek them out in an effort to bring the bizarre, sinister, and ghostly history of the valley to light. Once bitter rivals, Jeri and I both have a keen interest in history which spurs us onward, delving into dusty books and documents to find the truth behind the many legends throughout the region. For even more information regarding ghosts and history in the Cuyahoga Valley, I recommend visiting her website Cuyahoga Valley Paranormal.

I'd like to thank all of you who've visited this site and written to me over the years. It's been a wonderful and educational experience.

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