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Ira Cemetery

Ira Road
Bath Township, Ohio


The earliest recorded deaths in Wheatfield (now Northampton)Township were Adam Vance (who drowned in the Cuyahoga on his way to Hudson in 1812) and his brother William (the victim of a fatal fall from a hay wagon in 1814). They were buried in the northwest corner of the lot which is now the cemetery. The site officially became a cemetery in 1829 and was used by many early settlers including the Hale, Hammond, and Cranz families.


Late one night around 1999, a few friends and I decided to visit this cemetery. One friend became too frightened and decided to wait in the car; I noticed a black, shadow-like form follow him back to the car. Once we returned to the car, he told us he had heard an older man's voice whispering his name in his ear. There seems to be something very strange lingering here; several locals and paranormal groups have reported strange activity on the grounds.

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View from the rear of the cemetery.



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