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Clemen Jagger House
Hale Farm & Village

Oak Hill Road
Bath Township, Ohio


Clement Jagger was born around 1928 in Massachusetts. He moved to Bath Township, Ohio, where he established himself as a carriage maker and built his home in 1845. The house was relocated from Cleveland-Massillon Road to Hale Farm in 1962. (It was the first building moved to the site by the Western Reserve Historical Society.) Extensive restoration efforts transformed the house back to its original design.


In the early 2000s, an anonymous former employee of Hale Farm wrote to Ohio Exploration Society to tell of the haunting at Jagger House:

"The most frightening house at Hale by far is the Jagger house. This house itself hates. . . I hated to work in that house, even during the day. And whoever worked in there would just become hateful the entire day. . . If you stayed in the house for just a few minutes you just hated everything and everyone. People that worked that house together would be arguing constantly."

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The "Stencil Room" inside Jagger House.

Jagger's restored Parlor room.

Exterior of Jagger House.



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