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Lockkeeper's Inn

Canal Road
Independence, Ohio


Zimmerman Tavern was built around 1830 and located along the canal near present-day Independence. It was moved further north and across the canal some forty years later. Prohibition didn't kill the business and it lasted well into the mid-1900s. One former manager, Sophie Sarnacki, was gunned down near the staircase leading to the second floor on May 24, 1956. Six bullets were found both in her body and in the walls; the gun had been tossed beside her dead body.

The tavern became Lockkeeper's Inn in 1981. A new building was constructed on the opposite side of the canal  in recent years. The original Zimmerman Tavern was razed in the summer of 2007 to make room for a parking lot. The restaurant across the river briefly became Dante's before turning back into Lockkeeper's Inn. 


Since the 1950s, employees and patrons have believed Sophie returned to watch over her business. She was witnessed inside the old tavern many times and reportedly moved glasses and objects. Since the demolition, it is uncertain what has happened regarding the paranormal activity.

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Old Lockkeeper's Inn in 2006.



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