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Lonesome Lock

Towpath Trail
Peninsula, Ohio


Named for the isolated feeling it gave canal travelers, Lonesome Lock can be found about a mile north of Peninsula. This area of the canal was notorious for being a hangout for muggers, thieves, highwaymen, and murderers. There was once a sawmill, homestead, and barn in close proximity to the lock.


The story of a haunting here dates back to at least 1850. According to local legend, a woman was murdered here and her body thrown into the canal. It has been said that her headless ghost wanders the lock, dressed in a white dress. For a story to survive this long, there may be some truth behind it.

During the heydays of the canal, the nude corpse of a man was found floating in the lock. According to an old photograph kept by the National Park Service, there is a report that 15-17 canal boat workers were found murdered near this location over the years. Attempts to identify the victims as well as the murderer(s) were unsuccessful. Although it is unconfirmed by documentation, it does offer an interesting glimpse into the lock's mysterious past.

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Lonesome Lock as it looked in 1892. (U of Akron)



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