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Red Lock

Highland Road
Sagamore Hills, Ohio


Only crumbling cement and stone walls remain of Lock 34 on the Ohio & Erie Canal. This portion of the canal was part of the first stage of construction and cut through several native burial mounds in its path. Many workers caught malaria from mosquitoes while digging the stretch of the trench. A local woman named Johnson rode her horse along the towpath and nursed many workers back to health. They lovingly referred to her as "the Angel of the Canal."

The origin of the name has three separate versions. One tale says the gates were painted red, though some speculate it was named for the red clay found in the region. Another story, told by a canal traveler along the canal, recalls that the name stems from a man named Morrison who ran a tavern at the site. His nickname was said to be "Red."


A fun-loving ghost known for playing pranks--possibly the old tavern owner--has been encountered near the lock. He has appeared as a dark, shadowy figure on several occasions.


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