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The Taverne of Richfield

3960 Broadview Road
Richfield, Ohio


Baxter H. Wood moved to Richfield in 1838 and opened a hotel called the Center Tavern in town which he ran for six years before going into the mercantile business (B. Wood & Son). After 25 years, he retired and turned the business over to former clerk Henry C. Searles. A new building, West Richfield Hotel, was constructed on the site in 1886 by Baxter Wood, Junior. It was a glamorous place, featuring a large ballroom on the second floor. In the times following its golden years, the hotel served as a notorious brothel and declined greatly to the point of being condemned before it was turned into an upscale restaurant called the Taverne of Richfield by Melvin Rose. The restaurant was purchased by the famed Stancato restaurant family in the late 90s and turned into the Stancato Cafe. It underwent extensive renovations in 2007, reopening once more as The Taverne of Richfield.


Customers regularly report ghostly experiences. Restroom and basement doors have slammed for no reason, and glasses at the bar have occasionally flow off shelves. A young boy has been seen on the staircase leading to the second floor where other have reported seeing a man wearing a hat and black suit.

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1890 view of Ellsworth Avenue. The Hotel is in the background.

West Richfield Hotel around 1900.

The Taverne of Richfield as it looked in 2010.



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