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Canal Visitor Center
at Locktender's House

Canal Road
Valley View, Ohio


This residence for the lock keeper was built originally in 1827, but became two side-by-side attached buildings soon after. The other half was occupied by Ma Parker's Tavern: a wild, rowdy place for canal workers and travelers to find whiskey and loose women. It was nicknamed Hell's Half Acre for its tough atmosphere, which lasted into the 1900s when it was used as a biker hangout. The National Park Service bought the building in the 1970s and renovated it for a museum. Today, it is a visitor center for the park.


Rumors of ghosts have been around for decades at this old building. Specific stories are unknown at this time, but are under further investigation.

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"Hell's Half Acre" during the canal era.

The structure as it looked in the 1970s.



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