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Winking Lizard Tavern
(A.K.A. Peninsula Nite Club)

State Route 303
Peninsula, Ohio


The Peninsula Inn was first opened in 1850. In the 20th Century, it became the Peninsula Nite Club. Many famous performers visited the club during its heyday, and for many years it held a fierce rivalry with Fisher's Pub across Main Street. After closing down in the 1980s, Robert Hunker owned the property; it was purchased and re-opened in 1986 as a bar/lounge called Wizards of Za. It became a new location for the Winking Lizard Tavern in 1992 and remains so today. For more information, visit www.winkinglizard.com.


Staff have spoken of unexplained activity throughout the tavern. The best known ghost is a middle-aged woman dressed as a flapper often seen in the rear bar wandering around, forever trying to find her cocktail.

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Old neon sign for Peninsula Nite Club.



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