After years of debating a sequel to Queer Hauntings—tackling further revelations and ownership changes effecting many locations contained within it—a new book project emerged from the depths of the strangest research in April of 2018. Why limit an overview of LGBTQ+ paranormal studies of the past and present to ghost stories and haunted places?

Under the tentative working title Weirdly Queer, thorough research and writing is currently underway on an all-encompassing journey through the queer perspective relating to the otherworldly and unexplained, from the secret lives of Spiritualist mediums to attempts to contact deceased gay artists, from abnormal sexualities in alien abduction cases to the rebirth of occult and pagan practices intertwined with the rise of Gay Liberation in the 1970s. Non-binary and even bisexual deities lurk in traditions ranging from Christianity to Santeria.

Can repressed sexuality result in poltergeist phenomena? Are there correlations between psychokinesis and sexual orientation? Are queer hauntings hidden within ghost folklore over the centuries? I’m on the hunt for the answers.  If you’re an LGBTQ+ person with a story, a researcher with unusual data, or a historian with a lead on a hidden tale, I’d love to hear from you.