Cursing with the Counterculture

In March of 1970, a group of radical queer people gathered with a single intention: to send a message to the Los Angeles Police Department that their policies of entrapment, murder, and brutality against the LGBT community would not be tolerated. Gathering outside of the Rampart Police Station on Sunday March 7, the Gay Liberation Front attempted to levitate the building with their sheer will and Magick. While their efforts failed, it serves as an early effort by gay activists to use magic as a non-violent force for good.


Witchcraft went on to be a unifying force within the queer counterculture, blending New Age ideals with the Sexual Revolution as another layer of pushback against the perceived normality of heterosexual Christianity.

As recently as 2016, a gathering of queer witches in London attempted to place a Gypsy curse on property developers wiping out gay bathhouses.